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Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Grass Type Pokemon)

Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Grass Type Pokemon)

Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Grass Type Pokemon): An increasing number of players has recently been looking for the grass and the electric type Pokemon, mainly because of their dual effectiveness against water type Pokemon like Vaporeon. We are happy to announce that you are the strong and easy choice to get to counter the pesky water advocates in gyms.

Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Grass Type Pokemon)

Although I am not including Legendary Pokémon in the top 5 best list grass Pokémon, I want to emphasize that, even to the extent of the legendary Pokémon go. These next five best grass Pokémon are always well worth using.

Please remember that these are not my best list of favorite Pokémon grass. nor is it based on the design. They are the best Pokémon grass objectively I think the best for competitive Pokémon battling. Some of these Pokémon are stronger than others and some are surprisingly powerful with new gymnastics training changes (Parasect, hard carry!). Our General Council with the types of grass is to invest in movement games, not CP. You can find the list of the fastest grass moves here.

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Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Grass Type Pokemon)

Without further ado, let’s dig right into the top list(Top 5 Grass Pokemon in Pokemon GO)!

1. Exeggutor

Nothing strange here, move along. Exeggutor’s just a beast and its value is a level above everyone on this list. Max CP 2955, access to a star moves like Zen Headbutt and Solar Beam, great combo typing (Psychic and Grass). And with a large line of evolution, Exeggutor is just great. Get the rule with it, forming with it. It is worthwhile, as both attacker and defender.


2. Venusaur

No grass Pokemon list is complete without Venusaur. With a maximum of CP 2580, Venusaur is rated this high. Because access to the vine whip, fast grass movement is strictly better than Razor Leaf. However, if your area has no nests Bulbasaur (ours did not also), Come may be difficult to obtain. Ivysaur the other hand, has access Solar Beam interesting, then go for it if you can not get Venusaur.

3. Vileplume

Really similar to Victreebel, just with slightly lower Max CP of 2492. Go to the same move set as Victreebel (Razor Leaf and Solar Beam), take care not meet many meters of ice and you will be very wide. Interestingly, Gloom also has access to interesting movements like Razor Leaf and Petal Blizzard.

4. Victreebel

Yes.. Victreebel is one of these easy changes to obtain and it is so good. We could easily end the list here if not for Exeggutor. Victreebel has Max CP 2531 and is equipped with perfect moves to break down the types of water: Razor leaves and Solar Beam. You can even go out with Weepinbell if the defender is low CP and you have every dodge.

5. Parasect

Although people often make fun of Parasect because of its low Max CP 1747 Para can be a beast against Vaporeons. However, you absolutely need a Parasect with Solar Beam. Solar Beam is one of the best moves in the game, and usually Parasect speed strong attack. We suggest going for an insect bite / Solar Beam Parasect for optimal performance.


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