Best app to find Rare Pokemon’s in Pokemon Go (Pokevision Alternative)

I always remember this time where Pokémon Go was the new trend and everyone was getting crazy. All credit is offered to our visitors for making the Pokemon Go Hack tutorial our most popular publication ever recorded. There were so many maps and tools that allowed you to find and catch rare Pokémon. Pokevision was one of the best. Unfortunately, Pokevision stopped working shortly after its release, so in this tutorial, I will give you 3 of the best Pokevision alternatives. If you’re looking for the best Pokevision alternative, then you’re in the right place.

First, let’s take a look at some of the Pokevision features just to know what we’re looking for, then I’ll list 3 of the best Pokevision alternatives. Just in case, if you are here, download only Pokevision Alternatives, do not hesitate to move to the end of this publication.Best app to find Rare Pokemon's in Pokemon Go (Pokevision Alternative) 5

Features of Pokevision

Pokevision was designed to save you time and energy. As you know, to play Pokémon Go, you must walk through the city and search for the Pokémon. This unique style made the game super addictive but it was also exhausting. With Pokevision, you can see all the Pokémon on a map, then simply go and catch this Pokémon. Our Pokemon Go Hack for iOS and Android allows you to make fun of your Pokémon and you simply fly by typing.


Niantic wanted to keep his original strategy “find and hunt” and they took Pokevision down.

Pokevision was a browser-based tool, meaning that there was no need for a Jailbreak or a root. All you had to do was visit the site and he showed you all the Pokémon near you in a map. It also used to show the amount of time that some Pokemon will be there before disappearing.

Using Pokevision was much easier if you had a Pokemon Go Hock on your phone. Just visit Pokevision, search for any rare Pokemon and copy its coordinates. Then simply paste the coordinates inside the teleportation section and the Hack you landed next to the rare Pokemon instantly.

Best app to find Rare Pokemon's in Pokemon Go (Pokevision Alternative) 6

Pokefind: Go tools for Pokemon Go

This tool was designed and developed by Pokefind and I must say that this is one of the possible alternatives of Pokevision. This tool is available as a Web site in the browser as well as on both stores. Besides tracking all the rare Pokémon, you can even submit a Pokémon, Gym or Pokestop that you have seen recently. As Go Tools is a community driven Pokevision alternative, it gives it an edge over competition.

To use Go tools, you can follow the instructions below and start hunting these rare Pokémon.

  • Go to and you will find here a tool similar to Pokevision.
  • Download now the app that belongs to your phone. For iPhone, you will need to tap the Apple AppStore banner and for Android, you press the Play Store banner. Alternatively, you can use the tool on the site but using the application is very simple.
  • In the app, you can search for any Pokémon manually or simply look around your location by moving the map.
  • Once you have found the Pokémon you are looking for, you can walk to that location or use the Pokemon Go
  • Hack’s teleportation feature and catch it.Pokefind also has other additional tools such as the IV and CP calculator, built into the application that can help you in your Pokémon Go journey.

Pokefind also has other additional tools such as the IV and CP calculator, built into the application that can help you in your Pokémon Go journey.

PokeHuntr: Easiest to use Pokevision Alternative

Just in case the Pokefind would not work for you or you want an easy to use solution for your Pokémon hunt, PokeHuntr is the easiest Pokemon Go Tracker in my opinion. Unlike Pokefind where the user interface is a little cluttered, PokeHuntr has a very clean user interface.

This is very similar to the Pokémon Go user interface. Basically, you get a full-screen map and you can find the Pokemon using the search bar. The only thing I did not like about this tool is that it is only available on a web URL. Other than that, it works perfectly. You also get a timer with each Pokémon on the map when the Pokemon disappears.

You can also get directions to the Pokémon by tapping the Pokémon and then tapping the directions. If you hold the “Get Directions” link, you can find the Pokémon’s coordinates and you can place them in the Pokémon Pirate location.

Three is also a similar application available on the AppStore that you can try to see if it suits you or not. I liked the web interface because I do not have to worry about Apple taking off.

Go Tracker – Android only

As Niantic destroys all Pokémon tracking maps, there is still work left. Go Tracker is one of those very few applications that still work and helps you chase these rare Pokémon. If you use an iPhone, Go Tracker will not work for you, as it is only available as an APK file for Android.

Just like Pokevision, Go Tracker shows you a map with all the Pokémon near your location, you can then access that place and catch that Pokémon. Just in case you want to catch a Pokémon from the other part of the world, you can copy its coordinates and catch it using the Hack teleportation place.

You can download the ApK file for Go Tracker from their official website and install it just like any Android APK.

Download Pokemon go Tracker apk file for Android

This is for this article. To conclude, I can say that Niantic has turned off Pokemon’s tracks very aggressively, but applications similar to Pokevision still work as I have demonstrated above. I hope you could find the best Pokevision alternative and meet your Pokémon Go needs.


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