[ Guide] How to Get Pokemon GO Dragonite

Pokemon GO Dragonite is considered the superstar of gym Defense Center, especially if played with Wing Steel as quick motion. We are aware that Dragonite can be very intimidating at gyms, but with this guide, you should be well equipped to fight Pokemon GO Dragonite!

How to beat Pokemon GO Dragonite

In Pokemon Go, Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying type Pokemon, which results in a few Type Weaknesses:

  • Dragon 1.25x
  • Rock 1.25x
  • Fairy 1.25x
  • Ice 1.56x

The ice is super effective against dual Dragonite, which leads to some interesting counters, but before you start singing “Ice Ice Baby” and praising Cloyster that we will dig a little deeper and see how each performs Dragonite counter.

Dragonite Ice Counters in Pokemon GO

. There is no running away from it, if you want to slam Dragonites consistently, you need Ice. The best counters for Dragonite are Ice PokemonHere are the icey Dragonite counters:

  • Cloyster or Dewgong with Frost Breath/Blizzard
    • Use as strong as possible – they can’t match Dragonites with much higher CP
    • A useful cannon fodder in before you deploy that Lapras
    • However, both suffer from low stats and low maximum CP when compared to Dragonite. You need perfect dodge and some luck to utilize them as easily as you would use a Lapras
  • Lapras with Ice Shard/Ice Beam or Ice Shard/Blizzard
    • Lapras can beat Dragonites almost 1000 CP stronger than it’s CP
    • Lapras will annihilate Dragonite due to Dragonite’s weakness to Ice and STAB bonus Lapras gains when using Ice moves
    • It’s a top tier defender, but also a beast against Dragonite as Steel Wing is not Super Effective against Lapras

Pokemon GO Dragonite

Dragonite is generally considered a beast when it comes to the defense of gymnastics, especially with Wing Steel. Dragonite is a type of dragon / Flying Pokemon and has the best stats of any basic Pokemon in Pokemon GO now. It is typing has only one weakness: ice, because it has two super effective against Dragonite.

Dragonite can have the following movements:

  • Charge Moves:
    • Dragon Claw (Dragon, 34.38 DPS)
    • Dragon Pulse (Dragon, 28.33 DPS)
    • Hyper Beam (Normal, 30.20 DPS)
  • Quick Attacks:
    • Dragon Breath (Dragon, 20 DPS)
    • Steel Wing (Steel, 14.29 DPS)

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Other Dragonite Counters in Pokemon GO

You are missing Pokemon Ice? No fear, there are some other interesting options in addition Lapras and Dewgong:

  • Wigglytuff with Pound / Play Rough
    • Not good against Dragonites with Steel Wing
      • Steel Moves
      • Wigglytuff receives 0.8x damage from Dragon Moves, but 1.25x damage from
    • Dragonite has a weakness to Fairy Types. Wigglytuff perform surprisingly well against Dragonite due to Play rough being Fairy Type move and benefiting from STAB
  • A bigger Dragonite with Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw 
    • Dragonite has also weakness to Dragon Moves so using a bigger one makes a lot of sense
Wigglytuff, the Dragon Slayer
  • Gyarados with Dragon Breath / Hydro Pump
    • However … Dragon Breath is available for newly evolved Gyarados, so use this option only if you have one with Dragon Breath…

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