Sorry iPhone 15, this is why I’m looking for an iPhone 12 on Black Friday

As the Christmas holidays get closer, I’ve begun to look at a bunch of Black Friday deals to see what could appeal to friends and family. From air fryers to game controllers, there’s already plenty of big discounts. When it comes to my mother-in-law, though her Christmas present is the biggest priority above everyone else’s this year.

You see, she has had a terrible Android phone for several years now, but she also has a 9th-gen iPad — not the best of both worlds. I’ve been waiting for November to come around, just so I could see how low the prices on certain iPhone models will go. After seeing the 128GB iPhone 12 for $340, down from $448 on Amazon, it’s the perfect iPhone for her. It’s not an easy affair to just buy her a new phone. It’s something I’ve been laying the groundwork for, for years, so she can use it with ease without worrying about a new operating system.

For her, it’s a smaller iPad


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