Don’t fancy a pair of AirPods this Black Friday? Try these excellent alternatives

The AirPods line is filled with some excellent headphones — there is a pair for anyone and everyone, with each use case considered. There are, however, some key things that might put people off, like the price, and the style. If you don’t want white earbuds, for example, then you could be stuck when you’re looking at AirPods.

Not only that, but even the Best AirPods Black Friday deals come in at a higher price than their competitors, leaving you with a large bill if you want to pick up some new headphones for your brand-new iPhone 15 Pro. Thankfully you needn’t worry too much about spending loads on a pair of new headphones: There are some great options out there that perform like AirPods, but don’t cost as much. Here are some of my favorite alternatives to Apple’s most popular headphones, all in for some of the best Apple Black Friday deals.

AirPods Pro 2


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