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Pokemon Go Reshiram Zekrom Kyurem Raids

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Reshiram, one of the last remaining legendary Pokémon from the Gen V Unova region, is finally coming to Pokémon Go! Beginning Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. PST, trainers will have three weeks to challenge Reshiram in five-star raids. It will be presented in three legendary raid hours, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. local time. Even better with remote raid passes, you can challenge any raid on your map, regardless of proximity. This highly anticipated Pokémon promises to shake Pokémon Go, so you won’t want to miss your chance to catch it!

Who is Reshiram and what is the Tao Trio?

Pokemon 643 Reshiram

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One of the Trio Tao in the Unova region, Reshiram is a Legendary Pokemon of the Dragon and Fire type. The Tao Trio is based on the concepts of Yin, Yang and Wuji. Reshiram represents Yang with its Fire typing, while Zekrom represents Yin with its electrical typing, and Kyurem represents Wuji, which is the absence of Yin and Yang, with its Ice typing. Reshiram is also the mascot of Black Pokemon.

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Reshiram has a huge CP cap – we’re talking about over 53k in the raids! – and the potential to be the best kind of fire in the game. On top of that, his moveset is quite threatening. Reshiram has two possible quick moves, Dragon Breath and Fire Fang. Its possible loaded movements include, Draco Meteor, Overheating, Stone Edge and Crunch.

What are the best counters?

The Reshiram moveset and the weather play a big part in the counters to use. In addition to this, the types of Dragon are weak compared to other types of Dragon. So you’re probably going to burn a lot of resuscitation and potions for this raid. On the positive side, Crunch is fairly easy to counter, and the other three charged attacks are a bar, so dodging will be your friend this Raid. The only weaknesses of Reshiram are Dragon, Rock and Ground. Due to the huge movement gaps and weather conditions, there are many very good markers for this Raid:


Pokemon 384 Raquaza

Source: The Pokemon Company

However, the best type of dragon in Pokémon Go, Rayquaza is a dragon and a legendary flying Pokémon of generation III. It is weak against the movements of the rock and the dragon of Reshiram while being resistant to its attacks of fire. Although Rayquaza has limited availability, if you have one, it will be very useful against Reshiram, especially if Reshiram has attacks of Fire or Darkness. You will want your Rayquaza to know Dragon Tail and Outrage.


Pokémon 373 Salamence

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A pseudo-legendary dragon and a generation III flying Pokémon, Salamence has organized a community day and has been available for some time, so most players already have at least one powerful one. As a Dragon and Flying type, it is weak against Dragon and Rock attacks, while resisting Fire attacks. You will need Dragon Tail for its fast movement, and Outrage or Draco Meteor for the charged attack.


Pokemon 484 Palkia

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A legendary type of generation IV dragon and water, Palkia is a great addition to any Reshiram team. It is weak against Reshiram’s Dragon type movements and resistant to its Fire type movements. It has not been widely available, you may not have the Candy you need to power it up. However, if you do, you will need Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor for the moveset.


Pokémon 149 Dragonite

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The Gen I pseudo-legendary Dragonite has been made available via Community Day, Special Research and even as a Shadow Pokémon. There is no good reason not to have some strong Dragonites ready for this Raid. It’s another Dragon and Flying type, so you have to be careful with Stone Edge. The movement set you’ll want is Dragon Tail and Outrage, but Draco Meteor also works.


Pokemon 409 Rampardos

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The generation IV rock type fossil Pokémon, Rampardos is an excellent counter in this raid. It has no weaknesses that Reshiram can exploit, and it is resistant to Fire attacks. Although his first Cranidos stage is a bit rare, it only costs 50 candies to progress, so trainers are more likely to have the candies to feed him than some of the 125 candy lines. Smack Down, and Rock Slide is the set of moves you’ll want for this raid.


Pokemon 612 Haxorus

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Relatively new to Pokémon Go, Haxorus is a pure type Dragon of generation V. It is weak against movements of the Dragon type and fire resistant. Axew are quite rare, so few players have enough Candy to evolve and fuel Haxorus, but if you do, it will serve you well in this fight. You’ll want the Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw movement game.


Pokemon 639 Terrakion

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Although the legendary Rock and the combat type Terrakion may work as a decent against Reshiram, it really shines in partly cloudy weather. It resists rock, fire and dark attacks, while taking the normal damage of dragon-type attacks. Smack Down and Rock Slide are the best moves Terrakion can bring to this raid.


Pokémon 383 Groudon

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Another legendary that shines in specific weather, Groudon works very well in sunny / clear weather. The Gen III mascot Ruby Pokémon, this type of soil has been available several times, you probably have at least one solid. It resists Rock type movements from Reshiram and is not weak from any of the other movements. You will want your Groudon to know the mud blast and the earthquake for this raid.


Pokemon 530 Excadrill

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A ground and steel type introduced in generation V, Excadrill is another sunny / clear weather meter. It is resistant to Rock and Dragon type movements, but weak against fire, so it is also important to know the set of movements of Reshiram. If you bring an Excadrill to this Raid, you will want him to know Mud Slap and Drill Run.


Pokemon Landorus embodied

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Landorus legendary type and flying generation V, Landorus brings no particular strength or weakness to this battle, but in sunny / clear weather, it can do a lot of damage to Reshiram. Mud Shot and Earth Power is the set of moves you want your Landorus to know.


Pokemon 445 Garchomp

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The pseudo-legendary type Dragon and Ground of Gen IV, Garchomp is normally not easy to find, but if you participated in the Gible community day, you probably have a few. It does best in sunny / clear weather and resists rock and fire attacks. Quick Mud Shot or Dragon Tail attacks work well in this raid, and Earthquake is the loaded move you want your Garchomp to know.


Pokemon 464 Rhyperior

Source: The Pokémon Company

Latest evolution of the Rhyhorn Gen I, Rhyperior is a Ground and Rock type Pokémon which can last a long time against Reshiram. Not only are his candies plentiful, but he’s also got community day treatment, so there’s a good chance that you will have a few for this raid. Its rock and fire resistance makes it an excellent tank, and its movement pool includes several useful movements. Either its fast movements, Smack Down or Mud Slap, work well, and the rapid movements Rock Wrecker and Earthquake are excellent.


Pokemon 483 Dialga

Source: The Pokémon Company

Another tank, Dialga is a legendary Steel and Dragon type from Gen IV. It is also the only Dragon type on our list that is not weak against the Dragon type. Dialga resists rock-like movements and takes normal damage from other Reshiram movements. It’s not often available, so you might not have the candy to power it up; however, this is the one you may want to spend on increasing your rare candy. If you have Dialga, you will want him to know Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor.


Given the particular challenges that Reshiram’s movement set and weather improvements can present, I have several choices among you. It’s a tough raid, so you’re probably going to want to have two teams ready, regardless of the movement or the weather. If you can’t build a team of top scorers, the following Pokémon will work as backups:

  • Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge.
  • Reshiram with Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor.
  • Latios with dragon breath and dragon claw.
  • Hydreigon with Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse.
  • Giratina Origin Forme with Dragon Tail and Dragon Pulse.
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Psystrike.
  • Gyarados with dragon breath and indignation.
  • Golem with stone throw and stone edge (Kanto or Alolan.)
  • Latias with Dragon Breath and Outrage.
  • Aerodactyle with Rock Throw and Rock Slide.
  • Omastar with Rock Throw and Rock Slide.
  • Flygon with dragon tail and dragon claw.
  • Alolan Exeggutor with Dragon Tail and Dragon Pulse.
  • Giratina Altered Forme with Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw.
  • Rhydon with Mud Slap and Stone Edge.
  • Kingdra with Dragon Breath and Outrage.
  • Aggron with Smack Down and Stone Edge.
  • Mew with Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw.

Shadow Pokémon

The rebalancing of the Shadow Pokémon rescued from Team GO Rocket makes them excellent glass cannons. Not only are their statistics improved, but during special events, it is possible to change their movements with TMs. If you have one of the following Pokémon with the correct moveet, they will work fine in this raid:

  • Salamence of the shadow
  • Shadow Dragonite
  • Shay Gyarados
  • Shadow Omastar
  • Shadow Tyrant

Keep in mind, however, Reshiram strikes very hard. It is very important to dodge if you plan to use Shadow Pokémon in this Raid.

How many players does it take to beat Reshiram?

Although it is possible for two level 40 coaches with the best counters, the right weather, the best friend boosts and the easiest movement sets to eliminate Reshiram, most raids will require five to seven players. high level and up to ten less level players. The weather conditions that you will want to monitor are windy weather, which will stimulate Reshiram Dragon-type movements, sunny / clear weather, which will stimulate its fire-type movements, and partly cloudy weather, which will stimulate its rock-type movements. . Whatever your configuration, you must have lots of resuscitations and potions for this raid. Reshiram strikes hard and will eliminate a lot of Pokémon quickly!

And, as always, be sure to follow all the recommendations and guidelines of local health authorities, practice social distancing and be safe!

Questions about taking Reshiram?

Do you have questions about taking the legendary Reshiram Pokémon? Do you have advice for your fellow trainers? Drop them in the comments below, and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go guides so you too can become a Pokémon master!


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