Pokémon GO Teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween

Pokémon GO Twitter just posted its first trailer for the ever-spooky and fantastic Halloween event, and it looks like it’s introducing a new Galar Pokémon!


That shadowy form appears to be Galar’s Slowking!

Pokémon GO Teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween 9
Slowking (Galarian)

Slowking de Galar is a Poison and Psychic type that evolves from Galarian Slowpoke by using a Galarica Wreath, first discovered in the Galar region. Currently Galarian Slowpoke can only evolve into Galarian Slowbro, so it will be interesting to see if we gain access to the new form of Slowking through evolution or the raiding system. We look forward to evolution like Slowbro! Currently to get Galarian Slowbro you need 50 candies, and to catch 30 Poison Pokémon-type with the Galarian Slowpoke as a friend, so we suspect there will be another aspect in Slowking’s evolution as well.

Pokémon GO Teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween 10

Galarian Slowking is a truly unique Pokémon design, as Shellder has completely taken over its head and eyes, and parts of its body turn purple. Plus they get a cape to spin. It’s proven to be a very popular Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield, so we’re excited to see it make its way to Pokémon GO!

Galar’s Slow SpriteBrilliant Galarian Slow Sprite
Pokémon GO Teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween 11Pokémon GO Teases Galarian Slowking for Halloween 12


TO Psychic and Poison type as a remake opens up some interesting possibilities for a different kind of Halloween event, focusing on those types, rather than the usual Dark and Ghost types. We’ve speculated on what might happen at Halloween 2021, but this creates exciting potential! Maybe we will see a Poison type event for the first time in history. There is a lot of fun Poison dudes who haven’t had their brilliant release yet, including Spinarak, Gulpin, and Stunky, who might show up if the topic was poison.

Publicity hype!

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