[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys

Pokemon Go the augmented reality game took the Internet by storm. Different  Pokemon GO hack have been released to make the game much easier. Also possible to play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys. Everyone played this game was a bit like transformed into zombies that stumble across different cities around the world. Days after the release of this augmented reality game, people were found in dangerous neighborhoods, barricading in people’s homes, being robbed by burglars in the Pokemon capture process.

Android has tons of features to offer, but it’s not so good to make it your primary OS of your PC. If you are an Android player, the only thing that limits everything is the comfort of playing games, small screen size and much more. Many people might suggest you install Nox Player and enjoy Android games directly on PC, but it would be a hell of pain that you will not be able to enjoy Windows as features. To solve all these problems, Android Emulators came on stage.

How-to-play-Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack Arrow keys

In this article I will explain a way, using which you can play Pokemon Go on PC from the comfort and security of your home. All you need is a working Windows computer, a little patience, and brain.


To start playing Pokemon Go in your PC from home, you will need to install and configure a bunch of tools exactly in the right order. To start, just download the files below and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Download Pokemon Go apk, but do not install or run it until its time, or it will not work. (Google Play store link)
  • The first thing you will need is a Windows PC/laptop/computer to install the software.
  • Bluestacks. Download it from the official website from here.
  • Lucky Patcher, an apk Android tool for editing and modifying application permissions. (Download Lucky Patcher Apk)
  • KingRoot, a root tool for Android devices. (Download)
  • Fake GPS Pro: An application to spoof your site. Download
    – Fake GPS Pro APK or
    – Fly GPS apk.

After downloading, just put all these files in one folder so you can easily find them later. Do not rush to install one of the applications without knowing what to do next. If you follow closely what I mentioned below, you will play Pokemon GO with all the problems.

How to set up & play Pokemon GO in Bluestacks on PC/Computer/Laptop

Step 1. Install Bluestacks: Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack

First, install Bluestacks on your computer/PC/Laptop. Make sure it works well and does not crash during execution. If you encounter the problem to download a fresh copy of their website and install it again.

Step 2. Install Kingroot on bluestacks: Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack

  • Once you have installed bluestacks, you must install Kingroot. To do this, open Bluestacks, click on the apk icon on the left, open the respective KingRoot apk on your computer, and KingRoot will automatically install in seconds.[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys 11
  • Now launch KingRoot, scroll to the bottom of the application and click “Try”, and then click Fix Now.
  • When you see your security index, click “Optimize Now”. Now, close the application, we will not need it anymore.

Step 3. Restart BlueStacks for play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack

Remember how you did this step you will need again in the subsequent process. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of BlueStacks and select “Restart Android plug-in”.


[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys 12

Step 4. Install and run Lucky Patcher for Installing Fake GPS App.

The installation process is the same as for KingRoot. Simply click APK on the left side of BlueStacks and select the Lucky Patcher apk on your computer/laptop, and it will install.

When you open Lucky Patcher for the first time, you will get a SuperSu screen to grant the application’s root authorization. Click “Allow” to grant root access to the application because it is required to run the application.

[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys 13

Now, inside Lucky Patcher, go to ‘Rebuild and Install’ bottom right, then head to SDcard-> Windows-> BstSharedFolder. Here, you simply select the FakeGPS apk file and install it as a system application.

You will need to restart BlueStacks to apply all of these changes. Simply go to the BlueStacks home screen, click the wheel icon, and then click “Restart the Android plugin” as mentioned previously in the steps above.

Step 5. Install Pokemon GO apk

Install the Pokemon Go App the same way you installed KingRoot and Lucky Patcher. Just do not run the application at this point because it may not work properly yet.

Step 6. Check your location settings

In BlueStacks, click the wheel icon in the upper-right corner and select Settings. Go to the location and make sure the Mode is set to High Accuracy.

[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys 14

All running GPS windows must be disabled, as they will conflict with the BlueStack GPS service. On Windows, press the Windows + I key to access the configuration application. Next, go to Privacy -> Location and make sure “Location for this device” is turned off.

Step 7. Set UP FakeGPS app for play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys.

Now back to Lucky Patcher and you will see FakeGps in the list of installed apps.[Pokemon GO PC Hack] Play Pokemon GO on PC with GPS hack & Arrow keys 15

  • Click FakeGPs in the list and select “Launch Application”. A window will appear explaining how to use the FakeGPS application. Read the instructions carefully and click OK.
  • Using Fake GPS Pokemon GO in PC, click the three-pointed button at the top right, then go to Settings, select the Expert Mode option. A warning message will appear, read it and confirm by clicking OK to close the warning.
  • Click on the arrow at the top left to return to the map’s home screen. You will see a map. Now select your favorite location or any densely populated place on earth.
  • Click on the entry and select Save to add this location to your favorites list. To activate the wrong location, click the Orange Play button in the lower right corner.

Play Pokemon GO on PC/Computer with GPS hack & Arrow keys

  • Now, after all this, we are finally ready to play the game.
  • You will need to configure Pokemon Go exactly as you configure it on a standard Android or iOS device. Sign in with Google or an old username and it should automatically load your previously configured Pokemon Go account.
  • When the game finally begins, you should end up in a wrong place you hired earlier by FakeGPS. Whenever you want to move to another place or place, you have to go back to FakeGPS and hire a new location. Now play Pokemon GO from your computer. Be sure to avoid making long distance card jumps, as it may reveal GPS spoofing.

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If you followed each step exactly as I told you, then you should be able to play Pokemon Go without any problems so far. If you still have problems or troubleshooting, please feel free to comment below. I will try to contact you as soon as possible.


  1. Everything worked perfectly except there is no “Restart android plugin” option in BuildStacks and everything else installed but the Fake GPS does not want to install on LuckyPatcher and Lucky Patcher freezes up when I click on Yes for reboot after “installing” Fake GPS, or any other app on LuckyPatcher directly. If I can find a work around this I believe it will work fine.


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