Final UX2000 headphones review: Brilliant noise canceling on a budget

The last pair of Final noise-canceling headphones I tried were the delightfully simple and very well-priced Final UX3000. I liked their build, I liked their sound quality, and I liked how easy they were to use. They weren’t a pair of headphones that changed the game, instead approaching their job with a kind of gentler touch that was unexpected.

They succeeded — they were super simple, blocked out plenty of noise, and sounded incredible not just for the price, but for something far more expensive. Now, Final hopes to bring the winning formula to an even lower price point with the Final UX2000. Has it succeeded?

Final UX2000: Price and availability

Final UX2000 From the bottom

(Image credit: Future)

The Final UX2000 are priced very solidly, and you can grab a pair for $119/£99. That’s a fair sum less than the competition, and makes them almost a steal when you look at their features.


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