Soundcore Motion X500 Review: Affordable, portable spatial audio

Spatial Audio, for a long time, was the feature of the expensive smart speaker. The territory of the larger Sonos Speakers, costly soundbars, and the HomePod 2. SoundCore, the audio offshoot of Anker, shifted the dial on the Spatial audio availability matrix and brought the standard to the masses with the excellent Motion X600, a Bluetooth speaker with a premium build, wicked audio, and that all-important Spatial audio.

Now, the firm has turned the dial again, and given us more budget brilliance in the form of the Motion X500, a speaker that also packs in Spatial audio for a slightly lower price and a smaller footprint.

Soundcore Motion X500: Price and availability

Soundcore Motion X500 from above, at an arty angle to see the buttons on top

(Image credit: Future)

The Soundcore Motion X500 is available from the Soundcore store for $169. That’s around $30 less than the $199 Motion X600 and puts it in a great place when you look at the Bluetooth speaker landscape.


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