What is Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming and how does it work?

The Nintendo Switch has been a very popular console ever since it was first released. There are hundreds of the best Nintendo Switch games to play that can entertain you for hundreds of hours. However, the Switch is not nearly as powerful as its PlayStation and Xbox competitors, with higher resolution capabilities and processing powers. This has prevented some games from being able to come to the Switch up until recently.

Thankfully, Nintendo has begun to provide Cloud Streaming for a select list of games. This basically makes it so we can play these more graphically intense games without needing a hardware upgrade on our Switch consoles. Here’s everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming.

What is Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming?

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Next To Switch V2 Luigis Mansion 3 With King Boo

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Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming lets those graphically demanding games work on the Nintendo Switch without requiring the necessary GPU or CPU upgrades the Switch would need. This is accomplished by streaming games via an internet connection rather than installing them locally on the Nintendo Switch, similar to how Xbox Cloud Streaming and Google Stadia operate. Of course, this does mean you need a stable internet connection for Cloud Streaming to function properly.

Do you need a subscription?

Nintendo Switch Online Nes Games

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Interestingly enough, you do not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use the Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming feature. However, there are currently only a few games available for streaming as of right now. Even so, some of the best games on Nintendo Switch are found here.


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