What does Apple mean by ‘Shot on iPhone’?

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Every time Apple releases some kind of commercial or ad for an iPhone, you’ll likely spot the words ‘Shot on iPhone’ at least somewhere toward the end or the beginning. Most recently it was during the Scary Fast Event, showing off the latest M3 chips and MacBooks.

The impressive event footage was, apparently, shot entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro Max with its mixture of 48MP main lens and 12MP ultrawide — but when you really sit down and think about it there must be some caveats to the whole thing. Apple, by law, isn’t allowed to say that it shot the video with an iPhone if it didn’t shoot with an iPhone (lest the folks from advertising standards on the fish and chip flavored side of the pond get involved, and nobody wants that), but that doesn’t mean it can’t go a bit mad with what else it uses to make the footage look really, really good.


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