The Micro LED Apple Watch may be delayed, but it could be worth the wait

We’re at the point in the Apple Watch’s life cycle now where it’s hard to find new things to put in upcoming models. Think about it – the Apple Watch can tell you when you’ve fallen, crashed your car, your heart rate is low, and goodness knows what else. At this point, the device on your wrist might be smarter than you are, at least in my case.

Without meaning to sound like the commercials, we’ve really reached a point of maturity where the next big change feels like it needs to be pretty staggering to shake things up – a little like when the iPhone X ditched the home button, AirPods cut the cable, or Mac moved to Apple Silicon.

While the Apple Watch X is expected this year, it’s the Micro LED Apple Watch I’m hoping for, even if those timelines don’t quite sync up. Here’s why.

Apple Watch emergency features

(Image credit: Matt Evans)

The more things change, the more they display the same


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