The 10th Gen iPad was supposed to make the iPad lineup simpler, but it does the opposite

Apple always has its own way of transitioning products to a new design or platform. We’ve seen the company pull it off several times now, and while not all the transitions have been ideal at every stage, they’ve more or less achieved what the company wanted to. There’s one thing to be noted, though — none of them have been as confusing as the latest one.

Apple recently refreshed its base iPad, bringing it up to speed with the rest of its iPad lineup. It now gets fresh new colors, and the newer Apple design, which means the home button is finally gone, and so is the headphone jack, and wrapping it all together is a hefty starting price tag of $449. While it’s not bad value for the money, it makes the iPad lineup very confusing.

The future is fast, the future is colorful, the future is… expensive

iPad pro, iPad mini and iPad 10.2

(Image credit: Future/iMore)

The iPad has been fantastic from the get-go, and it has improved a lot over the years as well. For a while there, the Air and Mini took a backseat with refreshes coming out with long gaps. The Pro caught the eyes (and wallets) of a whole new market demographic. In the meantime, the base iPad was doing all the heavy lifting. It has consistently been the best-selling iPad model, often accounting for over half the total sales of the iPad.


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