Save $100 on an iPad Air, just before the Prime Big Deals Days hit

Save $100 on an iPad Air, just before the Prime Big Deals Days hit 3

While the M1 iPad Air is over a year old now, it’s still one of the best iPads around with some impressive specs, a slick screen, and all the trappings you could ever want in a tablet. Now, just days before Amazon’s Big Deals Day, you can get it for just $499, its lowest price.

With Prime’s next sales event just around the corner, we can’t see this deal staying for long. Originally launching at $599, you’re getting a whole lot of iPad for a lot less cash than usual. 

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The M1 iPad Air 5 is a fantastic bit of kit, boasting an impressive 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display for much crisper and brighter visuals. With improved viewing angles and truer colors, artists can get a lot out of it for drawing, image editing, and more. Those of us not blessed with the painter’s touch can enjoy better-looking Netflix, and crisp graphics when playing games.

If you are interested in drawing, you can pair it with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil for finer brush strokes and all manner of digital drawing tools, allowing you to draw, manipulate, and transform images. 

Apple’s M1 chip was originally released in the 2020 MacBook range but gains new life in the iPad Air 5, giving a very powerful performance whilst retaining that ‘all-day battery life’, something we praised in our MacBook Air 5 review in 2022. 

Though the 64 GB of storage is a pretty small amount, the iPad Air 5 packs a lot of power into a small frame. It comes with Touch ID to access your device quickly. It can also be charged with USB-C, matching the brand-new iPhone 15

If you are going to pick it up, it is worth paying attention to the big Prime Deals Days to get yourself an accompanying case and pen. We are expecting to see reductions in pretty much every area and cases are a prime target for a sale. 


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