Report suggests Vision Pro training coming for Apple employees in France

Vision Pro has been out for a few weeks, but only if you’re in the US. Apple’s headset hasn’t launched outside of the company’s home nation yet, but it appears we could be tiptoeing closer to the headset heading overseas.

A report from the French site (thanks, 9to5Mac) suggests that Apple is inviting retail employees to attend what is likely to be Vision Pro training sessions this Summer.

Watchgeneration’s sources say Apple is referring to the training as a “Training Product Event” for a new product. Naturally, that doesn’t guarantee it’ll be for the Vision Pro headset, but France currently has access to every other Apple product found in the US so that rules out pretty much everything else.

Apple Vision Pro headset, an augmented reality wearable that puts applications and digital environments into your real world.

(Image credit: Apple)

When could Apple Vision Pro launch in other countries?


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