Pokémon Go: Pokémon TCG crossover event guide

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The Season of Go has arrived in Pokémon Go, bringing with it the Pokémon TCG crossover event. Join in with your fellow trainers to celebrate the debut of several new Pokémon Go themed cards in Pokémon TCG. We here at iMore have everything you need to know to get the most out of this new event and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you can be fully equipped on your Pokémon Journey!

What is the Pokémon TCG crossover event in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go Tcg Crossover Cards

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The Pokémon TCG crossover event is a two week long event celebrating the expansion of Pokémon TCG’s Pokémon Go themed cards. The event features a new costumed Pikachu, wearing the Pokémon TCG hat, the Pokémon Go debut of Wimpod, and a limited time opportunity to encounter Shiny Meltan. Pokémon featured in the new TCG cards can be encountered in wild spawns, raids, and event exclusive research rewards, and the event includes six different Collection Challenges.

When is the Pokémon TCG crossover event in Pokémon Go?

The Pokémon TCG crossover event runs from Thursday, June 16 through Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Pokémon with the potential to be Shiny are indicated with an asterisk.

wild pokemon

During the Pokémon TCG crossover event, the following Pokémon can be encountered in the wild:

  • Bulbasaur*
  • Ivysaur
  • Charmander*
  • Charmeleon
  • Squirtle*
  • Wartortle
  • Alolan Rattata*
  • Costumed Pikachu*
  • Slowpoke*
  • Onix*
  • Chansey*
  • Magikarp*
  • Eevee*
  • Snorlax*
  • dragonite
  • Spinarak*
  • Nature*
  • Aipom*
  • slacking
  • Number*
  • Lunatone*
  • Solrock*
  • Bidoof*
  • Pidove*
  • Wimpod


Pokemon Go Mega Evolution Launch

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Players can battle the following Pokémon in raids during the Pokémon TCG crossover event:

Field Research

Pokemon Go Season Of Go Walking Pokestops

Source: Niantic

During the event, players can spin PokéStops and Gyms to collect event exclusive Field Research tasks to encounter the following Pokémon:

  • Ivysaur
  • Venusaur*
  • Charmeleon
  • Charizard*
  • Wartortle
  • Blastoise*
  • Costumed Pikachu*
  • Snorlax*
  • dragonite
  • slacking
  • Wimpod

*Check back soon for every event exclusive Field Research task available.


Pokemon Go Collection Challenges

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The PokémonTCG crossover event features nine different Collection Challenges of varying levels of difficulty. The first six Collection Challenges are available through the entire event and include rewards such as XP, a Lure Module, and an Incubator, as well as encounters with Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Meltan. Then, the final three Collection Challenges will be available beginning June 23, and can earn players additional encounters with Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

Check back soon for the completion requirements and rewards for all nine of these Collection Challenges.

Other bonuses

Pokemon Go Pokecoin Update

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During the Pokémon TCG crossover event, players can enjoy the following additional bonuses:

  • Reduced cool down time on the Mystery Box
  • Shiny Meltan unlocked
  • Lunatone and Solrock available in both hemispheres

Questions about the Pokémon TCG crossover event in Pokémon Go?

Do you have any questions about the Pokémon TCG crossover event? Which of the four featured Mega Raids are you most excited to challenge? Will you be trying to complete all nine Collection Challenges? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our Pokémon Go guides so you too can become a Pokémon Master!


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