Pokemon Go Items Are Getting More Expensive in Some Countries

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is raising in-game prices in certain territories beginning Wednesday, the studio said Tuesday. The increase comes in response to the Apple App Store price hike taking effect in most of Europe and other territories.

“We know that changes to pricing and currency are impactful to our community across all Niantic games — Pokemon Go, Ingress and Pikmin Bloom — and we wanted to provide proactive notice that some players will experience an increase in in-game currency prices starting as early as Oct. 5,” Niantic said in a message on its support website.

The pricing increase will affect the same regions being impacted by the App Store hike: Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam and all places that use the euro.

Moreover, despite being spurred by Apple’s pricing increase, the change won’t be limited to the iPhone; Niantic said it will “also make similar changes on other mobile platforms.”

Now in its sixth year, Pokemon Go continues to be the studio’s most profitable title, surpassing more than $6 billion in lifetime player spending according to Sensor Tower. Pokemon Go recently kicked off its Season of Light, with a variety of in-game events lined up for October.

Beyond Pokemon Go, Niantic recently partnered with Nintendo on the mobile walking tracker Pikmin Bloom. The studio has a couple of new projects in the pipeline as well, including Marvel World of Heroes and the augment-reality virtual pet game Peridot.


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