Pokemon Go April Events: Tapu Bulu, New Spotlight Hours and More

Pokemon Go’s Season of Alola continues in April with various events and Pokemon debuts.


April is here, and it’s shaping up to be another busy month for Pokemon Go players. The mobile game is holding a variety of activities over the next few weeks, including the debut of more new Alola Pokemon, two Community Days and the return of the Spring into Spring celebration. Here are all the biggest events happening in Pokemon Go this month.

April Research Breakthrough: Alolan Marowak

Starting Apr. 1, Pokemon Go will offer a new set of Field Research tasks and rewards, as well as a new Research Breakthrough encounter. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you’ll earn a chance to catch Alolan Marowak.

Research Breakthroughs are tied to Field Research stamps. The game rewards you with one stamp for the first Field Research task you complete each day, and you’ll achieve a Research Breakthrough after you collect seven stamps in total.

April Spotlight Hours

Pokemon Go’s weekly Spotlight Hour event will continue throughout April. Every Tuesday evening from 6-7 p.m. local time, the game will feature a different Pokemon and in-game bonus. Here’s the full Spotlight Hour schedule for this month:

Apr. 5

  • Spotlight Pokemon: Stunky
  • Spotlight bonus: 2x transfer candy

Apr. 12

  • Spotlight Pokemon: Bunnelby
  • Spotlight bonus: 2x evolution XP

Apr. 19

  • Spotlight Pokemon: Oddish
  • Spotlight bonus: 2x catch Stardust

Apr. 26

  • Spotlight Pokemon: Sunshine Form Cherrim
  • Spotlight bonus: 2x catch XP

April raid schedule

Pokemon Go is also refreshing its raid rotation this month. After Tapu Lele leaves the game, Therian Forme Thundurus will return for a limited time, with the debuting Tapu Bulu and Therian Forme Landorus following later in the month. Mega Manectric and Mega Pidgeot will also return to Mega Raids in April. You can see the full raid schedule below: 

Legendary raids

Mar. 22 – Apr. 5

Apr. 5 – Apr. 12

Apr. 12 – Apr. 26

Apr. 26 – May 3

Mega Raids

Mar. 22 – Apr. 5

Apr. 5 – Apr. 12

Apr. 12 – Apr. 29

Apr. 29 – May 3

April Community Day Classic


Mudkip returns for Pokemon Go’s second Community Day Classic event.


Pokemon Go is hosting its second Community Day Classic on Apr. 10. The event will run from 2-5 p.m. local time and will give you more chances to catch the water-type starter Pokemon Mudkip, which was previously featured during the game’s July 2019 Community Day. On top of that, any Mudkip that you’re able to evolve all the way into Swampert by 7 p.m. local time will learn the exclusive Charged Attack Hydro Cannon.

April Community Day


Stufful is making its Pokemon Go debut during April’s Community Day.


Pokemon Go’s April Community Day is set for Saturday, Apr. 23. This month’s featured Pokemon is the debuting Stufful, and any that you evolve until 7 p.m. local time on the day of the event will learn the new fighting-type Charged Attack Drain Punch. Several other in-game bonuses will also be active throughout the Community Day, including extended Incense duration and increased XP and candy for catching Pokemon.

Team Rocket Retreat

Team Go Rocket is taking over Pokemon Go as part of a limited-time Rocket Retreat event. From Apr. 3 to Apr. 7, you’ll encounter more Team Go Rocket grunts at PokeStops and in hot air balloons, and they’ll have new Shadow Alolan Pokemon at their command. The event is also introducing a new Special Research story that will culminate in a battle with Giovanni. If you’re able to defeat the villainous trainer, you’ll have a chance to rescue his latest Shadow legendary Pokemon: Shadow Latias.

Spring into Spring event


Special versions of Togetic, Lopunny and more are making their debut during this year’s Spring into Spring event.


Pokemon Go’s annual Spring into Spring event returns from Apr. 12 to Apr. 18. This year, you’ll have your first chance to get flower crown versions of Togetic, Togekiss and Lopunny. There will also be a Limited Research mini-event on Apr. 16 featuring special Pokemon spawns and themed research tasks leading to encounters with Exeggcute. If you’re able to evolve the egg Pokemon into Alolan Exeggutor during the Limited Research event, it’ll learn the dragon-type Charged Attack Draco Meteor.


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