Nothing’s AirPods rivals just got even better

Nothing’s AirPods rivals just got even better 3

Nothing’s Ear (1) are some great little in-ear buds, and now the sequel, the aptly named ‘Ear (2)’ are here. They bring some new features to the table, along with a slightly higher price. There’s also, for some reason, a beetle in the press release.

The Atlas beetle, the beetle pictured, is super strong. Like, stronger than we could imagine. The little guy can lift 850 times his body weight, and his three horns drive his belligerent need to battle any other male he might come across. This is a statement from Nothing – that the Ear (2) are stronger than their size might convey, and that the fight is being taken to the AirPods 2 and 3, and other similarly priced and specced earbuds.

Filled to the brim with goodies


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