“Nothing like this has ever really been done before” — Game Room’s developer reflects on Apple Vision Pro gaming and what could be next for Spatial entertainment

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Pips and Pixels is a new column by James Bentley, iMore’s resident gaming expert, covering all things gaming in the Apple ecosystem. Looking at news, accessories, and titles you might have missed out on, Apple is becoming more serious about gaming than ever before. With an eye on the wider games industry, James will guide you through what could be next for Apple gamers. 

After months of build-up and millions of dollars, Apple’s first foray into spatial computing has arrived and, when it comes to gaming, it’s… interesting. 

Apple has intentionally gone out of its way to state that Vision Pro is not a VR headset, nor an AR one. It is a spatial headset, meaning you have to physically place objects in front of you and they are remembered for later. Where traditional headsets might follow you around with screens, Apple Vision Pro allows you to put virtual screens where you need them. However, despite clarifying this isn’t like other headsets and isn’t necessarily designed for games, there’s a surprising amount of gaming potential here. 


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