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The MyZone MZ-Switch is a heart rate monitor for the type of fitness fan who likes to mix up their workouts and also likes the idea of having more freedom to move that monitor around. All while still getting accurate heart rate data when working up a sweat. It does that using two sensor technologies and gives you the option to wear it on your wrist, arm, or chest with recommendations made on where to wear it based on the exercise type.

MyZone MZ-Switch: Price and availability

MyZone Switch

(Image credit: Mike Sawh)

The MyZone MZ-Switch was announced and launched back in March 2021 and costs $159.99/£139.50, so this is one of the most expensive heart rate monitors you can pick up. That’s more expensive than the Polar H10 and Garmin’s HRM Pro Plus heart rate monitor chest straps, which both sit above that $100/£100 price mark.


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