Home News MacBook Air M2 returns to lowest-ever price

MacBook Air M2 returns to lowest-ever price

MacBook Air M2 returns to lowest-ever price

The MacBook Air M2 remains one of the best MacBooks for your money, and now you’ll get one for its lowest price ever. Usually, it’s a lot more expensive than the previous M1 version, but that price difference has closed up to only $100. This makes the newer model, in our eyes, much better value, with its updated chassis and M2 processor being more than worth the extra. This deal didn’t last too long last time, so it may not be around for long now – but while it’s here, it’s an incredible saving.

MacBook Air M2 drops below $1000

The slimmest and the lightest laptops in Apple’s range received a big redesign last year, including complete chassis overhauls and the new M2 chips. That cosmetic overhaul features a new Aluminum body that comes in four different colors and a new industrial design to fit in with the current crop of MacBook Pro laptops. Most impressive is the new screen, with much slimmer bezels and an ever-controversial camera notch at the top of the screen.


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