iPhone 15 Plus: A triumphant second attempt with one flaw

Apple’s fourth iPhone, beyond the regular 6.1-inch iPhone and the Pro lineup, has been something of a problem child in the iPhone lineup. For two years we had the cute but unpopular “mini” iPhone. However, due to a lack of interest and poor sales, Apple ditched it last year for the iPhone 14 Plus. The “Plus” model brings with it all of the features of Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone, packed inside a larger 6.7-inch chassis. It’s got a much larger display and a much larger battery too. From what I’ve read, it seems like it has generally been more well-received than the iPhone mini of old. 

This year was my first chance to get hands-on with the iPhone 15 Plus and I have to say that I really like it. The new iPhone 15 is a really excellent upgrade this year, and the Plus benefits from all those fancy new features including a new camera, USB-C, the Dynamic Island, and more. There is one fatal flaw, however, that you can probably guess. So what’s holding the iPhone 15 Plus back? Read on to find out.


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