iPhone 14 colors: Are you yellow, starlight, or midnight?

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus both come in five great colors that differ from the hues that made 2021’s iPhone 13 pop. Instead of bright shades of yellow, green, and more, we got a lighter look in 2022 from Apple, with the Sierra Blue color moving from the iPhone 13 Pro, to the iPhone 14 series.

Make that six great colors: In March, Apple made the surprise announcement of a brand new yellow iPhone — a warm, lemony color somewhere between ripe banana and evil henchman. The company likes to launch new colors in March; the iPhone 13 Pro gained a new Alpine Green shade last year.

Apple iPhone 14 in yellow

The brand new yellow iPhone, a love-it or hate-it new hue for Apple’s flagship phones. (Image credit: Apple)

Beyond yellow, iPhone buyers get the choice of midnight (black), starlight (white), blue, purple, and Product RED. Moonlight, Starlight and RED are mainstays of the iPhone lineup that come back year after year. And Product RED devices (opens in new tab) as always raise money and awareness for health emergencies. Apple says that it has contributed more than a quarter of a billion dollars across 16 years of partnership with the Bono-backed Red organization, helping provide life-saving treatments to people living with HIV.


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