iPad’s Apple Pencil mess is a sign of the iPhone USB-C transition to come – but the stress will be worth it

Apple announced a brand new iPad recently and it’s the best entry-level iPad that it’s ever made, despite some strange design decisions. One decision that isn’t strange is the move from Lightning to USB-C, but even then, it’s somehow also a hint at the chaos to come.

See, Apple’s brand new 10th-generation iPad brings with it a USB-C port in place of the familiar Lightning. That’s a good thing for reasons that we’ll get to, but Apple finds itself stuck in a bit of a pickle as a result. Namely, the tablet is only compatible with the 1st-gen Apple Pencil — and it uses Lightning to charge. The answer, in typical Apple fashion, is a dongle. It’s unwieldy and uncouth. Unfortunately, it isn’t un-Apple. Just ask the owner of an older MacBook Pro whose drawers are full of similar dongles.


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