I ditched my mouse for an ergonomic vertical one for a week — here’s how it went

Have you ever wandered through a tech store, taken a look at the mice and keyboards, and spotted one of those mad-shaped devices that looks less like an input device, and more like a piece of modern sculpture by some bonkers artist from the Netherlands ? Those are ergonomic accessories, and they’re designed to be better for you when you use them daily for work.

Now, I’ve never had any kind of problems with my wrists and arms when I’m typing and… mousing(?) at my best Mac for hours on end, so I’ve never really thought about all that much about finding something that might be better for me. When I heard other people raving about how much they helped, however, I viewed them as almost a preventative measure – something that would help me avoid all the issues I’d heard about before they became a big issue for me.


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