How to organize your Mac’s desktop for maximum productivity

It’s easy to let your Mac desktop become a trash pile. Y’know, the computing equivalent of one of those TV shows about hoarders who live in a mire of old, useless, and largely unwanted stuff.

I know because that’s what my MacBook desktop looks like 90% of the time. It stays relatively clean for a few days after I upgrade my hardware or simply offload the desktop’s contents onto an external HDD to free up SSD space. In 48 hours, the trash pile returns, and the disorder is restored.

The best Mac is an organized one so learning the ropes in how to take control of your desktop is the first step to mastering your computer.

Organize your Mac desktop

(Image credit: Andrew Williams)

There’s a better way to go about organizing your MacBook desktop, though, particularly if you actually want to use it rather than just forever obscuring it with 47 app windows.


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