How much could the iPhone 15 cost on the Upgrade Program?

Since its inception, I’ve been a big fan of the iPhone Upgrade Program. Apple has pioneered a pay monthly scheme for devices that lets you buy a new iPhone every year without the exorbitant upfront costs of an outright handset purchase, and without any nasty interest leeching into your hard-earned cash. 

2023 will be my fourth year on the program, I think… I’ve honestly lost count. Last year, the cost of my iPhone 14 Pro was noticeably higher than my iPhone 13 Pro, but not enough to make me reconsider. This year, however, rumors of price increases are looming larger than ever, and I’m genuinely concerned about the prospect of increased monthly costs. To that end, I’ve decided to try and calculate what those prices might look like based on the latest rumors.

iPhone Upgrade Program – our starting point

iPhone 14 Review

(Image credit: iMore / Stephen Warwick)

All the latest iPhone 15 and 15 Pro price info points squarely to increases across the entire lineup this year. Of course, a lot of this could be regional. Mark Gurman says we should look out for a “minor” price increase across all four models outside the US, but didn’t rule out a jump at home either. 


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