Here’s my favorite Apple Watch Ultra Shortcut that takes the Action button to its limits

Apple’s Shortcuts are great, aren’t they? They’re surprisingly malleable, and they keep getting more and more opportunities to shine with things like the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max ‘Action button,’ which allows you to trigger them from just about anywhere.

Still, there was one platform that did it first, and that was the Apple Watch when the Ultra debuted in 2022. Suppose you went back in time and told someone a few years ago that Apple would be adding more buttons to devices, given the company’s then-recent history of ditching the Home Button and even the function row of a keyboard. In that case, you’d likely have been met with no small degree of skepticism.

Still, the Action button on my Apple Watch Ultra is so handy that I found myself constantly switching between Shortcuts. Shall I start tracking a workout? What’s my next task? It’s pretty simple to make your own ‘super Shortcut’ that acts as multiple options in one. Here’s how.

Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro

(Image credit: Future / Apple)

What the Shortcut does


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