Final Audio unveils updated earbuds with ‘8K Sound’ and some affordable ANC headphones

When it comes to buying a new pair of earbuds it can be important to look beyond the AirPods and AirPods Pro because there’s a big wide world of offerings out there. The same goes for those looking to pick up a new pair of headphones, with the AirPods Max far from the end of the conversation on that front, too. And Final Audio is here to remind us of that fact.

Final’s two latest offerings come in the form of a pair of $399.99 earbuds that promise “8K Sound” and a pair of ANC headphones that are built on the previous UX3000 release but with a more approachable price of just $119. While the earbuds somehow make the costly AirPods Pro seem cheap, those headphones more than make up for it by making Apple’s AirPods Max seem positively insane at their $549 price.


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