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Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk

Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk

Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk is intended to aid in application development testing with GPS. You can also share the location with your friends when your phone has signal problems or the accuracy of your GPS is poor. You can fake your current location and joke with your friends by pretending you are in Europe, America or anywhere! It’s fun and simple to fool people.

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Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk Features:

  • Route Mode: Press a few seconds on the map to activate the following points.
  • Favorites: Registers your favorite locations.
  • Google Places.
  • Flight Mode: Scroll down to the desired location by entering the coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  • Navigation Mode: Select a fake location to start navigation.

How to Configurations Fake GPS JoyStick 360:

  1. In your android phone Go to Settings -> About phone -> Press several times on “Compilation Number” to enable the developer options on your device.
  2. Now goto back android home and Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Go to “Applying False Location” option and select “Fake GPS”.
  3. Again back to Settings -> Location -> Select “High Precision” (Use GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks to estimate your location) method.
  4. Now open the “Fake GPS” aka Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk application and press anywhere on the map you want to go.
  5. Finally, press on the box “Location False” to display the options.

[youtube id=”lipxQwtDuRo” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

Requirements for Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk:

  • Android 6.0 or higher.
  • Select the location in “High Precision”.
  • Add “FakeGPS” false applications location in the “Developer Mode”.


Download Fake GPS JoyStick 360 Apk

App Information Fake GPS JoyStick 360 apk

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EndNote for fake Gps joystick 360:

Any inappropriate use of the application (including traps) will not be supported by our team and it is your responsibility if you use it for that.

This application is provided “as is” and we can not be responsible for any use by the end users of our application.



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