CDs aren’t dead, so neither is the Apple Superdrive

CDs are back, baby, and they’re more trendy than ever. Whether you own Apple’s Superdrive, one of the best CD/DVD drives for Mac, or haven’t touched a compact disc since the late noughties, there are many reasons that people still buy CDs today.

Everyone knows the CD, it’s that trusty silver disc that always ended up scratched and left out of its box when you were a child. But just like the vinyl resurgenceCDs are back in fashion, with sales of the format rising for the first time in nearly twenty years in 2021, according to data from the Recording Industry Association of America. But why are people buying CDs again when streaming services like Apple Music have incredible quality, and your entire collection is accessible from the iPhone in your pocket?

Choice paralysis is the bane of my existence

Apple Music screenshot

(Image credit: Tammy Rogers)

I mentioned the vinyl resurgence earlier, and I love my record player and buying vinyl, but, my god, is it an expensive hobby. Now let me be honest from the get-go, I’m no audiophile. I love music, but I don’t have the ear to tell the difference between my Sonos system and a better traditional hi-fi setup. That doesn’t mean I can’t reign it back and opt to purchase physical media as a way of refuting modern choice paralysis.


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