“Buy your mom an iPhone”: Will these five words come to haunt Apple CEO Tim Cook? Probably not

Apple products work best if you stick within the ecosystem. They play nice together. Things just work. It’s one of the reasons iPhone users buy one in the first place, never mind the rest of the gear they add on after. So much so that Tim Cook’s jokey response to a reporter’s complaint about the best iPhones not having RCS support (which is coming later this year) was, “Buy your mom an iPhone.” Slightly tone-deaf? Perhaps. But everybody, including Tim Cook, knows things just work in the Apple ecosystem.

But the US Department of Justice doesn’t like tech that just works, apparently. The DoJ filed a landmark lawsuit against Apple today, alleging the company has a smartphone monopoly. In the suit, the government claimed that one of the world’s most successful and valuable companies has a stranglehold on phones, and stated bluntly that Apple uses it to extract more money from consumers. “Apple has gone from revolutionizing the smartphone market to stalling its advancement,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. You can read the full lawsuit here.


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