Best docks for the 2023 Mac mini

The new Mac mini looks lovely, with its sleek shell and small footprint. Just one problem – there are no ports on the front. You can fix that with a dock for your Mac mini. They’re like plinths that you can sit your Mac on, and hold all the front-facing ports you could ever want. Some have SSD and HDD mounts on the inside as well, so you can upgrade the storage of your Mac mini without having to take up one of your USB ports with an external hard drive, or like, buy a new one.

There are loads of these docks out there, and working out which ones are the best can be a bit of an ordeal. Worry not – we know our way around a Mac mini dock or two, and we’ve found the best out there. It’s worth mentioning that the new Mac mini is a tiny bit bigger than the old model, so while all these docks will fit, there may be a little overhang. Unfortunately, there aren’t any brand-new ones that we can find, but as soon as we spot them, we’ll let you know.

Best docks for Mac Mini 2023

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Dock that Mac mini


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