Best cheap iPhone deals and sales October 2022

These are the best deals and sales on iPhones so that you can save on a new device. We’ve found all the best prices from different carriers and retailers, and put them all together so that you can compare them with one another. There’s deals on the iPhone 14 family, the budget-oriented SE, and last year’s iPhone 13 lineup. No matter if you’re looking for a contract or an unlocked iPhone, we’ve got you covered – and we can even help you choose which is best for you.

iPhones are expensive devices, milled out of aluminum and stainless steel, and then topped with premium glass and sumptuous displays. They carry higher prices than their rivals for a reason, after all. This just makes finding the best iPhone deals that big more important, especially if you’re looking for one of the even more premium top-of-the-range models.

Thankfully, there really is an iPhone deal for everyone, no matter if you’re just looking to spend as little as possible or you want to save a little when buying the most iPhone you can get your hands on. Got an older iPhone in your pocket? Make sure it’s looking spick and span and you can trade it in, potentially saving you a bundle at checkout. Want to save on your monthly bill? There are some fantastic prepaid options that won’t have you making sure you’ve got enough in the account every month to cover a lengthy phone contract.

So sit back and relax – we’ve done all the hard work for you, putting all the best deals we can find from all the top merchants and carriers in one place – right here. Looking for an iPhone? You’re in the right place.

Today’s best iPhone deals at a glance

iPhone 14 Pro deals

So long notch! The iPhone 14 Pro is the smaller of the two more powerful iPhones, offering the same processing juice as its bigger sibling but in a smaller footprint. The screen is larger than last year, and that ever-controversial notch has been replaced with the ‘Dynamic Island’ – a black pill shape at the top of the screen that holds the front cameras and sensors along while acting like a new part of the user interface. Full price is $999, but there are some great offers already to get some money off. Make sure you’re protecting your phone with one of the best iPhone 14 Pro cases.

These are the best iPhone 14 Pro deals around various retailers.

iPhone 14 Pro Max deals

When only the biggest and best will do then the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the way to go. The cameras are beefier than ever, and that new ‘Dynamic Island brings all the UI improvements to the top of the screen. All this does come at a price – one to the tune of around $1099, and even more if you want the enhanced storage options. Thankfully, one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max deals should set you on the right path to saving some money on Apple’s “best iPhone yet”. Oh, and before we forget, make sure you’re protecting that massive screen with one of the best iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.

Best iPhone 14 deals

While it may not be the most powerful iPhone released this year, the iPhone 14 has a beautiful Retina display, excellent build quality, and some nice new cameras on the back. Does it look much different to the iPhone from the year before? Well, no, but it’s still better. It’ll set you back $799 full price, but here are some of the best iPhone 14 deals to make sure that you’re not paying full price. Always worth grabbing one of the best iPhone 14 cases to keep that new phone safe as well.

Best iPhone SE Deals

The iPhone SE is for those that love iPhones but don’t want to spend loads of money. They’re still plenty powerful, sporting the same chip as the iPhone 13, as well as a nice small form factor. Is it the best iPhone ever? For some, it may well be, and given it only costs $429 full price, its pretty light on the wallet too. That doesn’t mean you should be paying full price for one – not when there some of the best iPhone SE deals out there waiting for you to find them. Make sure you keep that iPhone nice and safe with one of the best iPhone SE cases as well.

Best iPhone 13 & 13 mini Deals

The iPhone 13 may now be last year’s model, but there’s still plenty to like. They launched in 2021, and tend to retail for around $699 for the larger 13 and $599 for the smaller mini. If you want a small iPhone, then the mini is your last hope – the mini model was swapped out for the new iPhone 14 Plus this year.

The powerful A15 bionic chip is under the hood, powering the smartphone’s slick UI – according to Apple, with a 50% boost in processing power over the previous model. There’s also an excellent camera on the back, improved battery life, and a brighter screen.

Don’t forget to protect your new iPhone 13 – here are the best iPhone 13 cases. Bought a mini? No worries – these are the best iPhone 13 mini cases.

Best iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max Deals

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are the previous creams of the iPhone crop. Their cameras are significantly better than the rest of the range, and they’ve got both the biggest and brightest screens. You’ll also get features like a 120HZ refresh rate on that display and better battery life over the Pro models of old.

You’re going to want to protect such an expensive device – make sure you use one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases to do it. Pockets filled with the bigger 13 Pro Max? These are the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.

iPhone 12 and older

Perhaps you want to spend a little less still – you can still get the iPhone 12, and even some older models. They’re still going to be plenty powerful – they’re iPhones after all – but you’ll be able to get a flagship for less than a brand new iPhone 13 variant.

iPhone Price Tracking

Third-party retailers often feature discounts on many Apple products these days, but iPhone prices tend to remain fairly steady. As with many, Apple sets the price, and the rest of the retail world follows suit – particularly if you’re buying outright.

Most savings tend to come in the form of carrier bundles that offer free months on a Plan, trade-in deals that let you sell your old devices to save money, or gift cards that you can use to buy other things. We are constantly searching through all of these to keep tabs on the prices where our readers tend to shop, so you can be sure you’ll find the best deal for you and your circumstances.

It’s worth keeping an eye out as well for when new iPhones are released. Around this time, there are often deep discounts on older models as retailers make room for the new model, giving you the perfect opportunity to bag a great deal.

Of course, you can always grab a refurbished iPhone if you don’t need something new. Apple has a great scheme (opens in new tab) that lets you grab an as new iPhone that’s been reconditioned to their tight standards and save some money along the way. Bear in mind that if you go this route, you will be looking at an older model – it takes a couple of generations for an iPhone model to enter the refurbished section.

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 14 Pro: Which should you buy?

In days of yore, there was one iPhone. There was no mini, no Pro, no SE, no budget or professional option – only the iPhone. Now, things are very different, with an iPhone model for everyone. Depending on your needs and budget, you will be able to find an iPhone that’s perfect for you – and given how many features are shared across the range, you’ll be surprised at how little you might pay for the experience.

The 2022 model of the iPhone SE looks identical to the last, but there are some big changes under the hood. While it still features the same touch ID sensor and home button on the front panel, there’s a nice bump in the processor under the hood in the form of the A15 bionic. It shares this same chip with the rest of the range, so you’ll get the same speed as those who pay almost three times as much for their phone. The 12MP camera on the back is a solid shooter, and the base model with 64GB of storage is only $429. For those looking to save some money who don’t need the biggest or the brightest, the iPhone SE is a no-brainer.

If you’re after a fancier and larger display, then the iPhone 14 is the way to go. There’s an edge-to-edge retina display that’s bright, absurdly crisp, and great for watching videos or viewing photos. The Face ID sensor on the front is speedy, and the A15 Bionic under the hood may be from last year, but its still a powerful little bit of mobile silicon. There’s more RAM than the SE, and the twin cameras on the back feature an ultrawide for more photographic opportunities. It’ll set you back around $799.

For those who want the biggest and the best, there’s the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. These are a significant upgrade, featuring the new A16 Bionic chips and the all-new Dynamic Island to replace the notch up top. You’ll get a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate on the large screens and more camera oomf around the back. You will pay for this, however, with the Pro costing $999 and the Pro Max going for $1099.


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