Apple TV+ dramatically expands total viewership by 42%

Apple TV+ dramatically expands total viewership by 42% 3

The world of streaming services has become hyper-competitive as of late, with so many services vying for the latest comedies, dramas, limited-series offerings, as well as documentaries, sci-fi features, animated movies, musicals, and more. Yet despite the competition, this past year appears to be shaping up to be a blockbuster year for Apple TV+. That’s because, for starters, it increased its total viewship by 42%, year over year, as well as doubling the hours consumed by viewers. 

What’s more, is that according to Deadline, it appears that Apple TV+ has achieved a number of impressive personal-best records: For instance, last week, “The Family Plan,” starring Mark Wahlberg debuted as the most viewed movie in Apple TV+ history, and that “The Morning Show,” featuring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, broke the record for a series, in which it increased its audience by 20%.

Apple TV+ seems on track to produce more in-demand shows in 2024.


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