Apple Music reinstates Kanye West’s controversial new album ‘Vultures 1″ after briefly removing it due to the artist’s distributer disagreements

Apple Music reinstates Kanye West's controversial new album 'Vultures 1" after briefly removing it due to the artist's distributer disagreements 3

“Kanye West” and “trouble” seem to go hand in hand it seems in recent years, whether he’s saying massively controversial things, promoting horrible ideals, or supporting some of the worst people on earth. Now, however, he’s in trouble for different reasons — and it led to his new album, Vultures 1, being removed from Apple Music for a short time.

Distributer issues for the worlds most controversial rapper

On February 15, Billboard reported that Kanye’s album had been removed from Apple Music, updating the article a few hours later to say that the album had been brought back online.


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