Would you wear Apple VR to a party? Nope, didn’t think so — so why does Apple think you will?

Have you ever been to a silent disco? I have. They’re part fun, part haunting room of squeaking shoes and the occasional silent sing-along. The idea is a simple one – everyone gets a pair of headphones and they can choose to listen to the music of one of a range of DJs, and enjoy dancing with other people listening to different music.

For the one I was at, for example, one could choose between a DJ playing pop music, a DJ playing rock music, and a DJ playing drum & bass. You could switch easily between the three of them, making sure that you’d always be able to find something you like. With the headphones on, it’s a lot of fun – everyone else has music on, and you’re all dancing along, smiling, and laughing. Sometimes, your friend will come across a song you both like, check if you’re listening to it, and if not, excitedly tell you to change the station so that you can both dance along together.

Take the headphones off, however, and things quickly become dystopian.


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