Wayfarer edits not showing in Pokémon Go

Hello coaches,

During the last two weeks, I have noticed that several of my editions of Wayspot have disappeared. The descriptions reverted to their previous versions or simply disappeared entirely. Check the Known Issues Page and lo, there it was.

Wayfarer editions are not reflected in Pokémon GO.
Description of the problem: Approved editions in Wayspots are not synced to Pokémon GO and are reverted to the pre-edition settings.
Problem status: Doing research.

It seems that Niantic is aware of the problem and they are working on a solution.

The Wayspots, what Niantic calls the points of interest in their games, all over the Niantic map have titles and descriptions. Tens of thousands of those Wayspots have edited their titles and descriptions and now much of that hard work has vanished.

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Personally, I have noticed that my editions dating from the end of July have disappeared. There is a thread on the walkers forum who discussed the topic, and a user by the name of NianticGiffard he responded asking for details.

Have you noticed that any of your editions are missing or that the Wayspots revert to the previous titles and / or descriptions? Let us know in the comments.

Editions of the Wayfarer post that are not displayed in Pokémon Go first appeared on the Pokémon GO Hub.


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