Verizon Clothing Now Available Worldwide!

On Saturday, November 7, Pokémon GO held a special weekend event in partnership with Verizon. It was available only to coaches who had a subscription to a Verizon mobile plan and had subscribed to the Verizon app.

This was an exclusive US event that rewards Trainers with spawns from specific Pokémon, such as Unown V and Z, Sableye, and more. Shiny Ferroseed was also released as part of this event weekend. This special weekend event also included the GrubHub event in the US and the 7-Eleven event in Mexico. The event also marked the launch of new Verizon sponsored gyms and Pokéstops.

Shiny Ferroseed and Ferrothorn
Shiny Ferroseed and Ferrothorn

The other exclusive reward for coaches was the special Verizon-themed avatar items:

These avatar items have now been released around the world for all trainers to enjoy! You can redeem them using the code L9Y6T82UW4EVSE9 in the in-game store, or via the Niantic Labs ‘redeem offers’ page here.

The Verizon website states the following: Get free Pokémon GO avatar outfits on your device to customize your avatar. Your avatar outfits do not expire and give you access to the first mask in the game! This limited time offer is available until 12/31/21.


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