The Pokémon GO April Events have been announced, featuring new Pokémon and spring-themed events

Niantic posted details of the April Pokémon GO events on their Blog. As previously announced, during the month of April, players will have the option to save Giovanni’s Shadow Zapdos. Those who haven’t done so already should complete Team Rocket GO’s special research, “The Higher they Fly,” in order to get a Super Rocket Radar. The Super Rocket radar will also be made available during the special search which will take place the first week of April.

Research Breakthrough Encounters from April 1 at 1:00 p.m. to May 1 at 1:00 p.m., will allow players to capture Frillish Men.

Raid times will be held throughout April, every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. April will see a number of Legendary Pokémon appear in five-star raids:

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  • Therian Forme Tornadus from March 30 to April 13.
  • Therian Forme Landorus from April 13 to April 27.
  • Play as Form Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus starting April 27, with chances of encountering a brilliant.

The following mega raids will be available until April 4:

These Mega Pokémon will be available in Mega Raids from April 5 to 20:

Finally, these Mega Raids will take over from April 20:

Spotlight hours throughout April will include:

  • April 6: Buneary and Candy double transfer
  • April 13: Mankey and double Evolution XP
  • April 20: Make up and double Catch Stardust
  • April 27: Finneon and double Catch XP

Snivy will be the Pokémon featured for Community Day on April 11. Scalable Servine during Community Day hours will reward players with a Serperior who knows the Frenzy Plant movement.

That’s not all, however, as additional events have also been announced:

  • Team Rocket GO Timed Search: April 1-8, granting those who complete it a Super Rocket Radar that can be used to summon Giovanni.
  • Spring to Spring: From April 4 to 8, Chansey, Blissey and Happiny will be wearing flower crowns. There will also be more spring and egg themed content during this event.
  • Rivals Week: From April 13 to April 18, Pokémon that are rivals to each other will make more appearances, some of which will be available for the first time in the game.
  • Sustainability Week: From April 20 to 25, Grimer, Trubbish, and other themed Pokémon will be appearing in the wild.
  • Friendship Day: On April 24, a Friendship themed event will take place!
  • The end of April will see a surprise event that will continue into May! We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more news is revealed.

Legends season has been fantastic so far and April looks just as bright. What event are you most looking forward to? If you’re planning on heading into town to catch them all, be sure to check out our Pokémon GO accessories guide for anything that can help you on your trip!


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