Team GO Rocket still disabled, return date unknown

Team GO Rocket’s Grunts, Leaders, and Balloons have been disabled for a while as Niantic is working to address the issues that cause occasional game crashes. BrandonTan, considered by many to be the number one player on Pokémon GO, reached out to Niantic Labs on Twitter for comment.

Niantic support responded, but their response has not given any information on the return date of our beloved villains:

We haven’t had as many problems with TGR encounters, or at least not to a degree that renders this feature useless, but Niantic thinks otherwise. The official Known issues The page describes the problems as follows:

Team GO Rocket Grunt encounters sometimes cause the game to freeze.

Description of the problem: Sometimes when a trainer starts a battle with Team GO Rocket, the game freezes and stops responding. This issue has been mitigated by temporarily removing Team GO Rocket encounters until it can be resolved.

Problem status: Doing research

The no-news scenario for TGR’s return date is unfortunate, as many of the Level 45 and 50 tasks require TGR to be available in-game. Players have raised concerns about these delays, but not much can be done about it.

We expect Niantic to find out what the underlying issue is and provide an update (or fix) in the next few days. Until then, we have the Sustainability Week Event to look forward to and hopefully an event announcement soon taking place in May.

Stay tuned for updates!

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