Shroomish Spotlight Hour Stardust Surprise!

Pokemon GO Stardust
Pokemon GO Stardust

On January 19, 2021, Shroomish will have a featured time from 6 pm to 7 pm local time.

While many in the community are disappointed to see a Pokémon featured that doesn’t have a shiny form released, there’s more to get excited about this Attention Hour than you might think!

January Pokemon Spotlight HoursJanuary Pokemon Spotlight Hours
January Pokemon Spotlight Hours

While the featured bonus for this Featured Hour is double the candy per catch, it’s worth remembering that Shroomish is one of the Pokémon that recently had its stardust bounty adjusted. Instead of 100 stardust per catch as standard like most, with Shroomish the base stardust capture reward is a whopping 500 stardust.

With an incense running for an hour, and without any other spawning, you can earn approximately 30,000 stardust (with one Shroomish spawning on average every minute, and one successful catch of all Shroomish).

With a star piece that potentially becomes 45,000 stardust in an hour. If you are lucky enough to have the weather bonus and a working star piece, approximately 56,280 stardust won!

Those figures don’t have any spawns outside of incense, so if you live near a Pokéstop you can safely attract, we recommend that you also put on a decoy to get those additional spawns.

Make sure you’re well stocked with Poké Balls (always a bit fiddly after a Community Day!), Spinning stops and gyms where you can safely and legally, and opening your maximum number of gifts today and tomorrow before the game starts. Time of focus.

Stardust is something that is always valuable and worth grinding, so be sure to take advantage of this surprisingly good wake-up time! Spotlight Hour can also be a valuable part of your routine for XL Candy, so catch all you can!

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