Regional Catch Challenge, Raid Logs and importing Phone Contacts spotted

A new set of strings has been detected in Pokémon GO’s network traffic, suggesting an upcoming Regional Capture Challenge, a new Raid registration system Y import phone contacts as friends. Sylveon’s clothing has also appeared, at least in text form.

As usual, information obtained through data mining or network traffic tracking is subject to change, is not endorsed by Niantic, and is always speculative in nature. The discovery was made by PokéMiners and shared via Reddit.

Regional Capture Challenge

RESOURCE ID: regional_catch_challenge_event_name 
TEXT: Regional Catch Challenge 

RESOURCE ID: regional_catch_challenge_reward_event_name 
TEXT: Regional Catch Challenge Rewards 

RESOURCE ID: today_view_catch_competition 
TEXT: Regional Catch Competition

It looks like a new Sight Challenge is looming today, called the Regional Capture Challenge. There is no additional information available at this moment. Prepare your quick catches and curveballs, it’s time to fight other regions.

Raid registration system

A new feature called Raid log is on its way to Pokémon GO. For those of us who have been playing for a while, logs are an incredible resource for game owners, third-party developers, and fans, as they provide an in-depth look at the core mechanics of a game.

In the case of Pokémon GO, the logs are intended to help Niantic debug and improve raids, giving them the option to verify real-world data in an instant.

Server-side logs often differ from client-side logs, and having access to these files gives Niantic the opportunity to see the game through the eyes of a gamer.

Check Warcraft logs to get an idea of ​​what kind of statistical data can be extracted from the records.

We are not clear when it will be published, but the new chains reveal the following:

  • You can store a record of your last raid for 24 hours. After that, the data disappears from your device.
  • Has an option to enable or disable the raid log
  • You have the option of uploading logs outside of your device

It is not clear if the logs will be shareable, that is, if you will be able to share them with us or another fan-created website, but we will keep an eye out for this feature.

We have plans to create a system that analyzes player records and provides useful statistics in addition to them.

Here are the new strings related to the raid log:

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_desc_cache
TEXT: This raid’s data will be stored for 24 hours or until your next raid, and you can upload it at any time before then in the Settings menu.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_desc_info
TEXT: With the Raid Logging feature, you can upload data from raids you participate in, which will help Niantic improve future raids.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_desc_url_desc
TEXT: To learn more,

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_desc_url_link
TEXT: visit this website.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_disable_description
TEXT: If you disable Raid Logging, any raid logs that you haven’t uploaded will be deleted.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_disable_title
TEXT: Do you want to disable Raid Logging?

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_title
TEXT: Help Improve Raids!

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_upload_desc_info
TEXT: You’re about to upload XX MB of data. If you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, data rates may apply.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_modal_upload_desc_title
TEXT: Do you want to upload now?

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_desc_awaiting
TEXT: Your raid log is ready to upload. (Upload size: {0} MB)

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_desc_complete
TEXT: Upload Complete!

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_desc_none
TEXT: You don’t have a raid log stored.

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_desc_thanks
TEXT: Your raid log has been uploaded. Thank you for your contribution!

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_desc_upload
TEXT: Uploading Raid Log

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_disable_log
TEXT: Raid Logging Is Disabled

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_enable_log
TEXT: Raid Logging Is Enabled

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_header
TEXT: Current Raid Log

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_title
TEXT: Raid Logging

RESOURCE ID: log_verbose_raid_settings_upload_button
TEXT: Upload

RESOURCE ID: help_center_raid_log_link

Import friends from your contact list

You should be able to add Pokemon GO friends from your phone contacts in the near future. There isn’t much to talk about here, it’s really that simple:

RESOURCE ID: abi_new_player_onboarding_list_header
TEXT: Easily find friends using your contact list on your phone to:

RESOURCE ID: abi_new_player_onboarding_title
TEXT: Pokémon GO is Better with Friends!

RESOURCE ID: abi_address_book_button

RESOURCE ID: abi_contact_signed_up_notification
TEXT: People in your Contacts List have started their adventures in Pokémon GO! Add Friends to join them!

RESOURCE ID: abi_new_player_onboarding_accept_button_text

RESOURCE ID: abi_new_player_onboarding_extra_info
TEXT: You choose which contacts to be friends with and this can be disabled anytime in settings.

Sylveon clothing


As previously announced at Luminous Legends And Event Announcemen, we will be getting some new clothes from Sylveon. Assets have not been added yet.

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_hat_sylveonitems_00_bundle_icon
TEXT: Sylveon Bow

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_shirt_sylveonitems_00_bundle_icon
TEXT: Sylveon Hoodie

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_shoes_sylveonitems_00_bundle_icon
TEXT: Sylveon Shoes

RESOURCE ID: avatar_m_hat_sylveonitems_00_bundle_icon
TEXT: Sylveon Headband

Various findings

  • Some catch bonus rewards were found, potentially in preparation for the Regional Capture Challenge:
    • +100 Capture XP
    • +200 Capture XP
    • +3 for catching candy
  • The addition of new players has received some new chains, that is, introducing newbies to various Pokémon GO features
  • Updated a handful of strings for inventory and weather error messages. Nothing exciting here.

The subsequent regional capture challenge, raid logs, and import of detected phone contacts appeared first on the Pokémon GO Hub.

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