Power Up PokéStops tutorial assets spotted in Pokémon GO’s network traffic

Trainers, hold on to your seats! It seems that data miners got wind of a possible new feature targeting the old Pokémon GO PokéStop. Our customary data mining disclaimers apply; This is not endorsed by Niantic, nor is it confirmed to go into production, so take it with a grain of salt.

Recently today, PokéMiners shared this infographic on reddit, with icons drawn directly from the game’s visual resource packs:

Activate PokéStops tutorial resources

As of this writing, there is no mention of this feature in the recent Pokémon GO APK (0.205.0), leading us to believe that the feature, if it is real and not an elaborate Niantic joke, is being tested on a different build of the app.

In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen this version mentioned in APK 0.205.0, or at least the visual assets. See the “Internal Icon” graphic below:

Pokémon GO Assets 0.205.0
Pokémon GO Assets 0.205.0

Our thoughts on the leaked tutorial

Pokémon GO Pokéstop

The new tutorial shows a PokéStop growing in size through three upgrade levels, starting from Level 1 to Level 3. Judging from the illustration on “Page 1”, it could be assumed that higher level PokéStops will produce more items per turn.

It is not clear if the power-ups will be temporary or not, but if it is, we would expect that each Trainer can apply a power-up per PokéStop, relatively similar to Frackers in Ingress.

The illustration on “Page 4” shows a visual effect around the PokéStop, probably quite similar to an applied Decoy Module.

Tutorial assets after Power Up PokéStops detected in Pokémon GO network traffic appeared first on the Pokémon GO Hub.


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