Pokémon GO’s new Loading screen has a special meaning

Pokémon GO's new Loading screen has a special meaning 3

As you may have noticed, Pokémon GO now has a new loading screen, just in time to kick off 2021 in style. We don’t usually write about loading screens, but this is a special occasion given how bad 2020 was. In fact, the backstory of this loading screen is quite clever and unlike anything we had before.

Pokémon GO 2021 Loading ScreenPokémon GO 2021 Loading Screen
Pokémon GO 2021 Loading Screen

A story of hope

Most of the Pokémon GO loading screens are themed works of art that highlight events, periods, or specific features of the game that have just been released. Think Halloween, winter holidays, or mega raids.

However, the new loading screen is about hope. Jason marino, the artist behind the loading screen, shared the entire backstory on Twitter:

Jason’s explanation is divided into a series of tweets that we share below:

1) This @PokemonGoApp New Years loading screen was something I HAD to do… Let me explain. # NewYear2021 #HAPPYNEWYEAR # Hello2021 # Welcome2021 #pokemongo #art

2) Painting a loading screen is not about creating a pretty image or an excuse to hug my inner nerd. Instead, it’s an outing, to have a loading bar moment with you. A time to bring something positive and hopefully memorable. For this year it was a moment to bring HOPE.

3) From the growing Phoenix to passing storms. The light at the end of the tunnel and the beginning of a new journey (totally Pokémon Ep1). 2020 has been a year that we would like to forget. It has brought many “OMG!” moments and took us to really low places.

4) As a person who has been through a lot, I can confidently say with positive energy, a pinch of sand and a bucket full of hope, there is no dark place / roadblock that we cannot overcome!

5) So hopefully there will be light at the end of this storm and hopefully this loading screen reminds you too. To everyone around the world, stay informed and Happy New Year!

Our take

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Needless to say, it will be remembered for many years to come. We’re happy that Pokémon GO acknowledges that, but we’re happier that Niantic artists have enough creative freedom and ability to produce pieces like this.

Jason, we salute you for a wonderful wallpaper, it really makes you feel good. Stay strong and safe, dear reader.

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