Pokémon Go Ultra Unlock part one: Time

Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 1Source: Niantic

Trainers completed a total of eight Global Challenges during Pokémon Go Fest 2021 to gain access to Ultra Unlock Part One: Time. Pokémon from different eras will spawn more often from Friday July 23 through Tuesday August 3, and Trainers will have their first chance to meet Shiny Shieldon, Shiny Cranidos, and Shiny Dialga! Luckily, at iMore we’ve got everything you need to know to make the most of this event, and don’t forget to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you can be fully equipped on your Pokémon journey!

What are Ultra Unlock Bonuses?

As is the tradition with Pokémon GO Fest events, Ultra Unlock Bonuses are rewards that players can earn for everyone by completing Global Challenges. Throughout the first day of Pokémon GO Fest 2021, trainers had over 30 global challenges related to rotating habitats. All eight challenges completed by players around the world earned an additional Ultra Unlock event week for a total of three events.

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Ultra Unlock, Part 1: Time

Ultra Unlock, Part 1: The Time Has Almost Arrived! The event will run from Friday July 23 through Tuesday August 3, 2021. The main focus of the event is on Fossil Pokémon. There will also be new Shiny Pokémon, including the legendary mascot of Pokémon Diamond and the next one Shiny Diamond Pokémon, Dialga!


The following Pokémon will have increased spawns:


The following Pokémon will hatch from 7 km eggs:


The following Pokémon will appear in raids:

  • Unown U * (one star)
  • Cranidos * (one star)
  • Shieldon * (one star)
  • Bronzor (one star)
  • Klink * (one star)
  • Magneton (three stars)
  • Aerodactyl * (three stars)
  • Porygon2 (three stars)
  • Golurk (three stars)
  • Dialga * (five stars)

Timed search

Pokemon Go Professor WillowSource: Niantic

In today’s view, players will find a five-page timed research line that will reward encounters with many Pokémon, as well as plenty of Poké Balls and berries to catch them.

The first step

  • Catch ten Pokémon for an encounter with Diglett *
  • Use five berries to help catch Pokémon for an encounter with Drilbur
  • Catch five different species of Pokémon for five Nanab berries

Completion rewards: ten Poké Balls, three Ultra Balls, 483 XP

Second step

  • Catch five Voltorbs for a Magnemite encounter *
  • Transfer seven Pokémon for seven Ultra Balls
  • Send three gifts to friends for three Pinap berries

Completion rewards: five Great Balls, three Ultra Balls, 483 XP

Third step

  • Catch ten Omanyte * or Kabuto * for an Aerodactyl * encounter
  • Strengthen Pokémon five times for three Max Revives
  • Earn five hearts with your Pokémon buddy for three Razz Berries

Completion rewards: 15 Poké Balls, three Ultra Balls, 483 XP

Fourth step

  • Catch seven Porygon * for an upgrade
  • Evolve a Pokémon for eight Ultra Balls
  • Use ten berries to help catch Pokémon for five Pinap berries

Completion rewards: ten Great Balls, three Ultra Balls, 483 XP

Fifth step

  • Catch 15 Rock-type Pokémon for an encounter with Onix *
  • Win a Raid for a Shieldon encounter *
  • Strengthen Pokémon seven times for a Cranidos encounter *

Completion rewards: 30 Poké Balls, three Ultra Balls, 2,000 Stardust

Field research

Pokemon Go WayfarerSource: Niantic

During the event, players can spin PokéStops and Gyms for the following event-exclusive Field Research tasks:

  • Catch three Pokémon with Weather Boost for two Pinap Berry
  • Earn a candy by walking with your Pokémon buddy for three Ultra Balls
  • Hatch an egg for an encounter with Shieldon *
  • Spin ten PokéStops or Gyms for ten PokéBalls
  • Win a Raid for a Cranidos encounter *

Potentially shiny Pokémon are marked with an asterisk.

Questions about Ultra Unlock, Part 1: Time?

Do you have questions about the first part of Ultra Unlock: the weather? Which Pokémon are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, as well as our in-depth Pokémon Go Fest 2021 coverage so you too can become a Pokémon Master!


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