Pokémon Go Tricky Pokémon April Fools event 2021: Ditto, Research, and more

The Pokémon Go Weather Week event ended on March 29, but a new one will start on April 1. The Tricky Pokémon event celebrating April Fool’s Day will run all day and bring a lot of mischief to Pokémon. Be sure to check out our best guide to Pokémon Go accessories to be ready for anything.

Wild spawning grounds at the Pokémon Go Tricky Pokémon event

The following Pokémon that are prone to harm will appear in the wild more often.

  • Aipom *
  • Croagunk *
  • Purrloin *

Pokémon that may be Shiny are marked with an asterisk.

Team GO Rocket at the Tricky Pokémon event in Pokémon Go

Instead of their usual rosters, Team GO Rocket will be fully lining up teams from Shadow Aipom during the event. Apparently they tried to catch the Pokemon Johto to stop his tricks and ended up being the butt of the joke. This Normal Pokémon uses normal, ghost, combat, and flight attacks and is vulnerable to combat moves.

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This is the first time Shadow Aipom has been released, so try to grab some. Team GO Rocket will appear at PokéStops and in balloons more often during the event, so you should have plenty of opportunities.

Timed search during the Pokémon Tricky event in Pokémon Go

While most of the Tricky Pokémon event will end on April 1, the timed search will continue until April 8. Complete it to earn Super Rocket Radar and other rewards.

Ditto in the Tricky Pokémon event in Pokémon Go

The Ultimate Ditto Trickster will spawn more frequently during the event, so you’ll have a chance to catch it when you grab one of the Ditto Pokemon that can transform into. The event will also add at least one new Ditto form that will stick around even after the event.

Other bonuses during the Tricky Pokémon event in Pokémon Go

Make sure you take plenty of shots during the event to increase the chances of a surprise photobombing encounter. The Switch Timer for GO Battle League is also halved during the event.

Questions about the Pokémon Tricky event in Pokémon Go

Do you have questions about the Pokémon Tricky event in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below and come back for updates when we have more information on what the event will entail.


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