Pokémon Go: Throwback Challenge 2020 week two

Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge

Source: Niantic

The last Pokémon Go event, Throwback Challenge 2020, is here, and it’s going to be a busy month for all of you Pokémon trainers! Each week, new timed research will be presented, and we at iMore have all the details for the second week – Johto Timed Research!

What is a Throwback Challenge?

Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge screenshot

Source: Niantic

Return challenges are much like special research, but with the added difficulty of being timed. When you log in for a week of the Throwback Challenge, you get the timed search line in your view today. From there, you can finish the search for a defined period of time, after which all that remains incomplete will disappear.

Each week in May 2020 will have a different timed search line, and by completing them all, you will unlock an additional line in the first week of June. Weeks should start every Friday at 1 p.m. local hour. The first week in Kanto just ended on May 8, 2020 and now we are moving to week two in the Johto area.

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Throwback Challenge 2020: Johto Timed Research

This week’s special timed search line was deleted early and is now available. It includes many Gen II Pokémon in the Johto region. We have Pokémon reward encounters for each stage, as well as for some of the individual tasks, and more of these Pokémon have the potential to be brilliant. Almost all of the steps in this timed research line can be done without ever leaving home, and all can be done solo. The only task that might require leaving the house is to hatch an egg.

  • The asterisk indicates that Pokémon have the potential to be brilliant

The first step

Pokemon Go 178 Xatu Man

Source: Niantic

  1. Catch a Flying-type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.
  2. Catch three Grass, Water, or Fire Pokémon for 10 Poké Balls.
  3. Send a gift to a friend for a Dunsparce meeting *

Completion Rewards: Xatu * encounter, one Silver Pinap berry, two Golden Razz bays

Second step

Pokemon Go 204 Pineco

Source: Niantic

  1. Play with your Buddy Pokémon for a meeting with Spinarak.
  2. Give your Pokemon friend three treats for five Razz berries.
  3. Catch a Bug-type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Pineco * encounter, two Silver Pinap bays, a Golden Razz Berry.

Third step

Pokemon Go 241 Miltank

Source: Niantic

  1. Make three big shots for a busy TM.
  2. Hatch an egg for a meeting with Snubbull *.
  3. Catch a Normal type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Meet Miltank, a Silver Pinap Berry, two Golden Razz Berries.

Step four

Pokemon Go 200 Misdreavous

Source: Niantic

  1. Evolve a Pokémon for a Sudowoodo * encounter.
  2. Catch five different species of Pokémon for 10 large balls.
  3. Catch a Ghost-type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Misdreavous * encounter, two Silver Pinap Berries, one Golden Razz Berry.

Step five

Pokemon Go 237 Hitmontop

Source: Niantic

  1. Take three snapshots with your Pokémon Buddy for an encounter with Shuckle *.
  2. Make four pretty Curveball throws for a meeting with Mantine.
  3. Catch a Combat-type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Meet Hitmontop, a Silver Pinap Berry, two Golden Razz Berries.

Step six

Pokemon Go 227 Skarmory

Source: Niantic

  1. Catch an electric-type Pokémon for incense.
  2. Feed Pokémon three times for a meeting with Mareep *.
  3. Catch a Steel-type Pokémon for 500 Star Dust.

Completion Rewards: Skarmory * encounter, two Silver Pinap bays, one Golden Razz bay.

Step seven

Pokemon Go 221 Piloswine Male

Source: Niantic

  1. Evolve a Pokémon for a King’s Rock.
  2. Catch a Water-type Pokémon for a Gligar * encounter.
  3. Catch an Ice-type Pokémon for 500 Stardust.

Completion Rewards: Piloswine * encounter, Silver Pinap berry, two Golden Razz bays.

Step eight

Pokemon Go 232 Donphan Female

Source: Niantic

  1. Take a snapshot of an Ice-type Pokémon for a dragon scale.
  2. Fight another trainer for 10 Ultra Balls.
  3. Power Pokémon six times for 500 Stardust.

Completion Awards: Donphan enounter, two Silver Pinap Berries, one Golden Razz Berry.

Step nine

Pokemon Go 250 Ho Oh

Source: Niantic

  1. Automatically completed for 3000 XP
  2. Automatically completed for 3000 XP
  3. Automatically completed for 3000 XP

Completion Rewards: Meet Ho-Oh * with the event’s exclusive Earthquake movement and five rare candies.


To help you accomplish these timed search tasks, the following features and bonuses will be in effect throughout the week:

  • Johto region Pokémon will spawn more frequently, including Dunsparce and Skarmory.
  • Johto area Pokémon will also be in more raids.
  • Pokémon from the Johto region will be presented in 7 KM eggs, including Chinchou, Yanma, Girafarig, Pineco, Dunsparce, Gligar, Shuckle, Skarmory and Phanpy.
  • PIkachu wearing a Umbreon hat will be available.
  • Shiny Dunsparce will be presented.
  • Event-specific field research will reward players with encounters featuring Pokémon originally found in the Johto area.
  • Catch and Raid Stardust will be doubled all week.

And after?

Once you’ve completed these timed search tasks, you can sit back, relax, and wait for next week’s Throwback challenge to unlock. Starting Friday May 15 at 1 p.m. local time, the Hoenn Timed Research line will be unlocked. As soon as he does, we will be there to update you on each task involved.


Do you have questions about the end of the second week of the Throwback Challenge event? What Pokémon and Rewards do you hope to see next week? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our full Pokédex, as well as our many Pokémon Go guides so that you too can become a Pokémon master!


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